"Faith Gear Fixie Corp."

Founded in 2013, Spring.

Start from a bike studio in Chunghe Dist., New Taipei City. On Feb. 2015, we opened our own shop at the same area. The founder who also is the general manager now learned the relative fixie information and professional skill himself from a non-know to a pro-know person.


We specialized in fixie field combined with sport, culture and life style together.

As the brand called “Faith”, we had been keeping our own faith on our service and product. The founder would like to deliver this belief to everyone who needs faith to chase and achieve their dream.


For advocating fixie culture here, we also hold some specific activities irregularly for our members including skid/stand/race competition, night ride, picnic ride…so on.


However, teach the right concept and knowledge to our customer is more important than selling. We believe build customer reliability and loyalty is essential. Accordingly Faith Gear see customer’s feedback as our priority.



City is a place which nurtured street culture. 
However, fixed gear had been a best carrier to experience a city.

"Fixed Gear" present an attitude of freedom and relief. 

- Cycling around the city, without destination.
Which totally gives yourself to enjoy the city temperature.
We chat, ride, share our life, even spread this culture letting more people knew this kind of lifestyle.
Keeps insists our faith as Fixed Gear never stop cycling.