FAITH GEAR FIXIE group activity records.

Taiwan Bike and Polo

March 15, 2016

Hold by Faith Gear and Taiwan Bike Polo.

As bike polo is a part of fixed gear culture, we'd like to share this culture for someone loves fixed gear.

Bike polo is an interesting exercise need team cooperate, personal skill even tactic use.

Everyone had fun during this experience.

Welcome people try this exercise at Hua-Jiang dock every Saturday morning.

Xingyi Dist., Taipei

September 18, 2015

We hold night ride activity to release weekly stress every Saturday night.

Enjoy to be yourself by riding.

We welcome everyone who loves riding to join us!

Sanzhi BBQ party

July 18, 2015

Start from Chonghe to Sanzhi then tour back, nearly 90km.

We swimmed in the river, enjoyed BBQ and relax each other. Pretty full and fun day.

Huashan night ride

August 30, 2016

Every Saturday night we share this enjoyable fixed gear culture together. Fixed gear bike is more like part of our life, friend and family. It improves people social contact.

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