2020 Alter Halloween Special Edition - Toxic Splash

If you followed Alter Cycle Taiwan for a while. You must know they release different Halloween special edition chainring annually.

Yes, 2020 is a transformed year. Lots of things included the world issue, politics, trend are changed this year. The product must catch this wave as well. Therefore Alter decided to try anodizing splash on Apollo model.

We are happy to launch this incredible artwork here!

Officially announce time is 30th-Oct. 21:00(Asian Taiwan time).

Although anodizing splash on aluminum is not the really newest tech, but if makes it into completed factory production SOP would be quite a challenge in Taiwan. As the quality control is the most important matter for Alter, all the regulation has to take more and more cautious on it.

Alter choose purple as Halloween special edition main tone this time. The purple can fully interpret how wicked Halloween is.

Laser letter cut with yellow color filling

Keep the laser logo but fill in yellow color instead makes this chainring accentuated and extraordinary. Becomes the highlight of Toxic Apollo.

People said chainring is the eye on the bike.

If you want to find a special and durable chainring, Alter must be your first option!

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