A leap forward for carbon chainring. "Digirit" did change.

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

You may already heard about carbon chainring. Yes, it is not a novelty gear ever, but the thing worth to expect is the biggest concern "Abrasion Restriction" was reversed.

At first, we have to introduce this company who dedicate to developing bicycle gears.

Digirit is a Taiwanese company had lots of experiences in design structural engineering of top branded consumer electronics lasting 13 years. Including metal processing, CNC engineering, design & application of sheet metal, plastic die casting and cable.

Due to their hobby of biking, they decided to put the effort on their own design, and to challenge the carbon drivetrain system.

Based on their professional and bonds of previous solutions. They brought product ideas into reality by providing support in any part of engineering design process. They start Digirit in 2011.

Products include:

- Full carbon chainrings

- Oversize pulley kits (rear derailleur)

- Light weight pulley (alloy/carbon)

- Other innovative bike parts and accessories

The "carbon chainring" is today's  main character.

The multiple advantages come from carbon made tooth not only makes the power transition more effective and direct, it can also well decrease metal vibration.

Moreover, carbon stiffness is 4~7 times greater than steel and iron. It helps chainring tooth slips perfectly and directly to the chain!

Digirit knows how great potential the carbon chainring is but still exist a big problem needed to break, the abrasion issue.

Normally the carbon chainring can be used for 1,000km mileage for other brand in the market.

Nonetheless, Digirit broke the rules, developed a patent nano metal powder add into their chainring tooth. After tested, the actual abrasion result can meets 10,000~20,000km mileage. It is an innovated milestone, makes carbon chainring improved its property. Highly increase the carbon chainring durability.

This big move drives people who supposed to reject carbon chainring turn to accept.

The nano powder not only improves tooth durability, also makes the metal abrasion sounds more silent ever. Collect the carbon characteristic stiff and super lightweight. It can be a really lethal weapon for track rider.

One of the biggest beneficiary is track bike team especially the national team.

Digirit claims there are nearly 10 national teams broke their record bu using Digirit carbon drivetrain system.

To complete your drivetrain. You will get the best performance to use the whole set including chainring/ cog/ cog adapter and lockring.

Digirit Carbon Chainring

Digirit Carbon Cog

Digirit Cog Adapter

Digirit Lockring

The chainring are compatible with almost 99% crankset in the market. Some crankset may has a little gap but won't affect the performance.

However we still strongly recommend to install your parts by the professional mechanics or shop if you are not sure how to install.

REMARK: To avoid carbon material be broke, ensure you or the mechanics got the right tools to install and remove.

And the last, to enjoy how fast this speedy monster can takes you away!
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