Always give surprised idea: KNOG Light, your night safety guard.

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

In 2021, we brought few new selected brands in shop included KNOG. Many customer may not think it's fresh item since it's a brand nearly 10 years anyway.

To those who not really recognize KNOG, we still need to introduce them, there are much details hid under the surface than you see.

KNOG is a brand came from Melbourne, Australia. Two co-founder the engineer and designer used to work for a long time. They usually have same vision of product design, then they start this company at 2002. Product develop is a piece of cake to them. Combined with innovative idea and practical instruction, every product released from Knog always inspire people a lot.

Knog strength is making impossible to possible, the diversity and glorious form of product.


We specially select the most popular and interesting model selling in store. Below are the models we are going to bring in to you.

- Plus

- Blinder

- Blinder V

- Blinder Mini

- Lil Cobber

- Blinder Road 600

- Plugger

First, the Blinder V and Blinder Mini is the latest release from KNOG during fall 2021.

Carry on with the new COB technology, both Blinder V and Blinder Mini inherit previous model Blinder on impressing graphic flash in 8 modes. These two collection seems like going for different size to meet different rider's demand.

[Knog Blinder V Rear Light]

Blinder V made with a longer and narrower shape. To fit its shape, they create thunder and traffic light two graphics that perfectly interpret this light image.

Buy link:

[Knog Blinder Mini Rear Light]

Mini Blinder name as it called, a smaller size than regular Blinder model. In my opinion, I think this size is much suitable on fixed gear bike which most of people don't want their additional accessories looks too big or exaggerated.

This collection has four option: Skull/ Love/ Cross/ Square.

Full of superb graphic flashing mode gives you more confidence when you ride at night.

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[Knog Plus Rear Light]

Rear light is really important for each cyclist. It also has strictly laws in some countries.

If you are looking for a simple, durable rear light in a very affordable price, I will say Knog Plus deserved!

This is the most popular rear light in KNOG. The KNOG Plus also appears in DOSNOVENTA new video STRAY FROM THE WAY ™ released on May.

Although it looks pretty basic but the devil is hidden in the details.


The super lightweight, USB charging and waterproof is primary condition.

The light body combines to the magnetic attaching design, it not only secure but pretty handy no matter on taking on and off even charging.

The USB port is not like regular one you see needed another cable to charge. In the contrast, it designed to be exposed out of the case and directly plug into USB port. Just one move, then you can charge anywhere.

The light body also has clip that can attach on anywhere you think, such as your t-shirt, shorts, socks, headband, backpack, dog collar. There won't be any restriction on cycling only but can use on camping, running even other outdoor campaign.

It's hard to find such a versatile property but only 18 gram super lightweight light in the market!

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[Knog Lil Cobber Rear Light]

Lil Cobber produces a perfect 330° wide angle, so the cars behind can clearly see you from all angles. It’s brilliantly effective at attracting attention day and night, no other king of commuter light call can compared to Lil Cobber.

When the light turn on, you can see obvious LEDs chips on eyes. It provides maximum brightness level for up to 90% of the battery burn time also offers a longer flashing time(40hrs for full charge).

Furthermore, the charging doesn't need cable as well, its integrated USB plugs directly into USB ports. When your Cobber is running low on battery, a red ring will light up around the button. This ring will turn green and then turn off once the Cobber is fully charged and ready to go.

The most interesting and surprising part is the custom flash mode.

Lil’ Cobber Rear comes pre-programmed with 5 modes, but you can adjust the sequence and flash mode by Knog *ModeMaker* app. It's really user-friendly and super intuitive that definitely satisfied someone who always want to be unique than others.

You can download the app by below link:

Buy link:

[Knog Blinder]

You may already notice the cool pattern on the face. This is the most fun rear light we ever seen in the market.

The geometric face design is already catch my eyes at first moment. It has a lovely square body shape match with the grid pattern.

There are two design we brought in store, skull and grid.

Knog Blinder comes with "8 different modes" including the specific pattern flashing as different motion.

Speak to the advantage, not only cool, the Blinder using new COB technology, produces a punchy 100 lumens keeping you safe in all light conditions.

I do admit I really like the COB LED lights look. Although it is not a revolution, but it gives an inspiring visual look from tradition LED light to high tech feel.

Not the last, same as other Knog models, Blinder made USB charging with waterproof cover, also a handy clasp removal system makes you easily take-on/off even with gloves.

This light will ensure your safety from anywhere to anytime!

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[Knog Blinder Road 600 Front Light]

If you need a super bright front light, this is what you need.

Front light is indeed a necessary gear especially when you ride on a midnight road.

Blinder Road 600 inherit all advantages from Blinder road model with an incredible 600 lumens super bright output.

You can clearly see two big LEDs like eyes on this light. It comes with 400 lumens and 600 lumens provided LHS optic and RHS optic separately making spotlight and flood light to use on different riding conditions.

Each LED has a variety of flash patterns and function independent of the other.

Same as other Knog model, Blinder Road 600 using integrated USB charging but meets 100% waterproof with a rating of IP67.

(Photo by Knog's official web)

To improve previous model's cons, Knog designed a replaceable buckle by silicone elastomeric strap with an over-molded polycarbonate clip system allows to adapt various configurations.

Besides, the buttons and strap closures are all at the perfect ergonomic angle, the buttons are long enough to be used while wearing gloves.

The Blinder Road’s is more like a professional front light for race or gravel/mountain off-road using. If you using on the midnight city, it can 100% keep you safe to avoid accident.

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[Knog Plugger Front Light]

Plugger is a front light covered by over-molded soft touch TPU (rubber like material).

Speak to the nice touch, the biggest pro you can discover at a glance is its turn on/off switch on the rear which is really big and easy to press even you wear the gloves, just like flashlight.

This intuitive design also be a selling point most customer willing to purchase it.

The Plugger produces a powerful 350 lumens with cut-out design that improved side visibility. It can sufficiently support your day and night ride.

Not to mention the micro USB charging and silicone bands benefit, with the Plugger’s clever side visibility window doubling up as low battery indicator, you’ll know when exactly when your light needs recharging.

In the summary, the Plugger is a practical and convenient front light if you are a bike commuter.

Buy link:


After reviewed and compared to the bike light through the market, it's not easy to find a light with great look but still support adequate illumination. Most of the light provides excellent function and super bright illumination but the shape or look is not as lovely as KNOG do.

The most important part is KNOG never stop their journey on novelty development, they keep innovating old model even create new ideas you think it's impossible, but they can made it come true!

Nonetheless, the MRSP price never be too high to afford as a normal customer.

That's why we would rather take more times here talking about this creative bike light brand from Australia. Because we think it is really great and worthy for everyone.

Although there are lots of bike light choice even more professional features, to keep us personal style at the same time, we would strongly recommend KNOG light for you.

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