Crane Bell Arrivals - Beautiful Sound On The Planet

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

We hereby release new batch arrival of Crane ENE bell.

Crane Bell Japan is recognized as the most beautiful and good sound bell in the world.

After us test and our customer's feedback. It did proves Crane bell no matter on appearance design or interior structure got outstanding performance.

We think the most attractive part to drive people get this bell is the bell's color. They release up to 7 color included copper, matte and polished silver/ gold/ black which is pretty rare in the market.

Furthermore, the spec on ENE model is more flexible that can fit 22.2~31.8mm handle bar diameter.

The last, the lever shape and design went more user-friendly compares with other brand.

All of Crane bells are made to the highest quality standards.  They insist the bell only made in Japan. The traditional production process with build to last design makes the quality stability without doubt.

If you want to decorate your bike or only would like to alert the pedestrian, Crane ENE bell won't fail you.


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