Updated: Mar 12, 2019

What are you doing in Halloween? Everybody must try getting the most fancy dress to catch other bigger eyes. Except join the home party, KTV, clubbing, here is the other way you can choose.

When Halloween is comming, every rider will ask each other about what's the dress code this time.

That's right! We do make up, dress up every Halloween. Watch out! No matter any face make up or any cartoon/ hero character dressing. Anything you can image may just pop up riding in front of you. So don't be shocked when you see this sight on the street.

Enjoy the ride our favorite hobby during this event. To let more and more people understand fixed gear bike culture even fight for bike riding right on the road. Taiwan is a variety bike country. That's why we insist and keep promoting fixed gear bike culture.

Welcome to join with us!

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