Proud Of Taiwan Bike Industry - KiLEY Light

KiLEY is a bike component brand located in the biggest bike factory kingdom Taichung, Taiwan. They name "Kiley" came from Japanese(綺麗) beautiful pronunciation which symbolize as fabulous.

In the beginning, KiLEY wants to bring the two-wheel of lifestyle culture into Taiwan.

The brand ideal is to make more and more two-wheel lovers get a real place to rest just like come back home. Pretty alike biker bar on the American state road.

To insist the product quality, they devoted all the time to designing and developing product. Focus only on the product itself.

That way makes the mainly product bike light broke the regulation to a better look, lighter but still keep elegant detail it is.

Using the old American retro style and to give new interpretation to the riders.

Insist 100% handmade in Taiwan.


We brought all the collection from KiLEY this time.

First, LM-001/ LM-003.

The classic bullet look front light. Pure, simple and the price is super affordable to everyone.

It can perfectly advance bikes texture. Back to the years retro vibe only by mount it.

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Second, LM-016/ LM-017.

The other recommend choice is these, the lightest light. Only "22g" .

LM-016 is the front light(led) with silver and black case choice.

LM-017 is the rear light(red) with silver and black case choice.

These handy light collection is portable on any bike. You can mount it on the fender hole, the brake arms bolts or mount it with the accordingly holder/ clamps.

No limit position wherever you want to mount on.

By pressing the light face it is the on/off bottom to turn your light on.

And it's easily to switch the light mode by clicking.

The important part is the USB charging, quickly, lighter and eco-friendly.

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The last, light star is KiLEY Vintage.

Look at the wooden packing case will see how attentive the manufacturer do.

You won't deny how worthy to get this light set under this price. In the meantime, you can also take this wooden case as your home furnishing or your bike gears storage case.

Each detail just care too much to notice it.

The elegant shape look, finishing, carving and structure design. No second word can describes how great it is.

Front light have amber(yellow) and led(white) color can choose.

Both are attached its holder to mount on your bike.

Sometimes, we met some customer's bike without brake drill. However, you don't have to worry about it.

KiLEY Vintage light set got few mounting methods for your creative think!

The most amazing part is this battery charging also use USB hub. You can be hardly thinking where can it be?

It is just under the face of lock ring. Loose it and you will find it surprisingly.

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If you are looking for a nice, durable look bike light.

I think KiLEY is the first choice of it.

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