"Rotor Aldhu" New Generation Weapon

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

There were some incredible item development from 2020 and release successively in 2021. Rotor ALDHU crankset is a typical work here.

Rotor ALDHU name comes directly from our racing heritage. It is an abbreviation of Alpe d’Huez to commemorate ROTOR’s first iconic victory at the Tour de France with Carlos Sastre.

ALDHU is a revolution for cranks weight. Creates around 348g super lightweight cranks, 19g lighter than previous 3D24, 36g lighter than VEGAST.

Although the weight is light, the strength still stand.

The secret is hidden from the innovative modular structure.

They broke the regular all-in-one track crankset construction. Splits axle/spider and cranks for different part.

It not only resolves the shipment method, decreased the carton capacity but also can focus on each part property of design.

With axles and different chainring options, makes each component individually available to accommodate the current spectrum of riders and bike standards.

The track 30mm axle is compatible with common bottom bracket spec in the market. Not only that makes the crankset stiffer and lighter.

The low Q factor of 140mm ensure a perfect position in the bicycle for TRACK and Fixed users.

In addition, ALDHU® incorporates "OCP" Mount technology, which enables the rider to fine-tune the orientation of ROTOR’s oval Q RINGS.

Regards to the chainring option, you can have the Aero, stiff, and crafted nOQ chainring.

Or you can choose your favorite chainring to dress up your bike.

That is the only and biggest joy fixie rider can have.

In the other hand, you can also mount it on the mini velo single speed bike.

The big 56T chainring just make the amazing contrast. You cannot deny how attractive and perfect it is!!!

The comprehensive selling point could be the balance of lightweight, cadence and power output feedback.

We think Rotor ALDHU definitely can fulfill track and fixie rider demand!!!

The whole crankset included cranks, axle with spider, nOQ chainring and track 30 bottom bracket.

We also provide the crankset only(crank arms + spider) for those always want to change different chainring.

You can reach the link below:

Rotor ALDHU Whole Crankset.

Rotor ALDHU Crankset Only.

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