- Runwell - The superior bike tools art from Japan.

Somebody may still not heard about this amazing brand specially manufacture fine tools for bike. We was surprised by its high polished finish wrench at first . After took a deeper look for their other product, we found it did is a high value brand which must introduce to all of our customer.

Runwell is based in Tsubame city, the best Japanese metal craft production including copper, brass, steel and silver tableware and tools.

Runwell well-known collection starts from the 15mm wrench.

Why the 15mm wrench? It is a necessary tool for fixed gear and track bike rider. Fixed gear bike is used to change or adjust wheels and chain by wrench usually rather than road bike using quick release on wheels.

A handy but nice 15mm wrench could indeed be a beneficial stuff to improve your work.

Runwell design their own grip angle of 15˚ on the all of wrench collection. It offers better torque applying but prevent finger caught from fork leg and tool during release bolts in the meantime.

With delicate forging process, they make an unparalleled grip in a bit protrusion shape, makes your palm fit it perfectly and feel painless during work.

The mirror-finished surface, which is hand-polished by craftsmen one by one also gives a gentle texture to the user's palm and reduces work load.


The 15mm wrench they made for different length from 125~250mm.

The Drip15 model is the shortest and portable one. Although it is small and short, they enhance the thickness on the bottom of grip helping push your palm easily.

You can take it anywhere just put in your pocket. Handy but luxury.

Color choice got Gold, Silver and Rose gold(is already discontinued and left the shop stock only).


Another longest choice in the contrast is Runwell new launched item "VATTO15", a 270mm laser with Battoujutsu "拔刀"(pulling out the sword) word on grip could be a spotlight in this season.

To provide both better torque and controllability, VATTO15 has thicker body shape than others.

Imagine you are holding this wrench on hand just like a Japanese samurai, which gives an interesting concept but a deep meaning as a professional mechanics.


If you got their tools already, you don't want to miss their Elite Hub Nut.

Hub bolts could be a consumables if you ride it frequently. Although it is a tiny gear but still an great impact for wheels as well.

Compared to other brand hub bolts, this one piece spacer achieves super lightweight around 13g only. Designed with shorter distances from bottom thread to surface.

The last but not the least, Runwell done 24H salt water testing, Runwell found a treatment solution for rust resistant but not crash threading.


Another Runwell launched gear "NJS Chainring Guage" on the last season April is quite a portable tool you can use anytime and carry on your key chain anywhere.

Chain line position will decide how smooth your chain shift also can reduce unnecessary chain wear.

To accurately measure your chain line is never be a hard work anymore. Just put it on the central bottom of seat post, aline the V-groove protrusion to the frame's center, check if your chain is in the the black thick line.

Moreover, this NJS chainring guage is made by stainless steel with hairline finish to correct your visual output. Makes each measurement much precise but accurate.

Pretty easy to use even for a beginner!


When we talk about accessory, you will thinking of some top cap, valve cap and bolts on the bike.

Although it is not a necessary component, but you can completely feel participation and enjoy your personal bike building. Just like you always change your phone case.

It is the fun part but cost less to dress up your bike.

What about an interesting Hexcap with ball point hexagon wrench look and a functional Punk bolt you said?


The most inspiring collection Runwell made must be their gift collection. Using different tools as design concept base, they brought the coolest lifestyle gear for a cyclist or mechanics.

Such as Toolstier (the cocktail stirrer) , Penstand, Bottle Opener and Fun Key are pretty suitable enough as memorable gift having both practical and creative property.

You will definitely be stunned by their outstanding nice touch!

There are too much fine tools and gears in Runwell await your exploration.

Especially their wrench collection is an essence for a DIY maker. Remember a great tools won't fail you but saving lot of work times.

No matter delight your cycling mood or elevate your sense of ritual, Runwell did 100% success to fulfill cyclist desire.

Next time, you shall try one of their gears.

Which tools or gears you like the most?

Please comment below to let us know.

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