Stunning Valve Cap From Mooneyes Is At Store Now!

We are trying to find some interesting accessory to our customer. The valve cap is a tricky stuff you cannot think about it. But once it is mounting on your bike, you won't forget it.


Mooneyes is a big company from south California, USA over 70 years. They make automobile merchandise including Moon Fuel Blocks, Moon Tanks, Moon Discs, Moon Valve Covers among other original parts right on site in their machine shop. They also supply various parts and accessories for hot rods and kustoms as well as an expanding line of custom motorcycle products.

After Mr. Shige Suganuma expand Mooneyes to Japan, the brand not only provide automobile equipment also with more lifestyle product.

You can quickly recognize Mooneyes products with their logos big round yellow eyes. An indelible part of hot rod nostalgia, easily recognizable to gearheads and novices alike.

Taiwan area is distributed by LOTTO. We are one of the dealer of it.

We bring variety valve cap model. Each one will be too stunning, wicked, lovely to have one.

*Valve cap is the important gear to lock on your valve, the cap can definitely bring you joy for the boring stuff*

(Felix cat)/ (Road runner)/ (Mooneyes-black)

(Eyeball-green)/ (Pineapple)/ (No.8 ball)

(Rat Fink)

You may discovery lots of cartoon character felix, road runner accessory from Mooneyes. It has to thanks to FUCT FFSD manager who advocate and combine hot rod culture with lifestyle. They made pattern copyright then release a few of products.

Rat Fink is the classic character present this specific culture.


Nonetheless, we also imported the work apron to the one who always like to DIY by themselves.

Big Mooneyes logo and denim material made. Attractive and durable for daily use.

Let's rock n roll with this komono for your fixie lifestyle!
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