Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Believed someone must have seen the skid or long-skid trick on the road. That's the special trick only for fixed gear bike. Most rider learn this trick for cool. However we sincerely courage beginner to learn basic skid to avoid any accidental situation.

2016 summer, Faith Gear held the fist (LSK) Long Skid King competition to find the outstanding rider.

When we start getting know fixed gear bike, the most touching trick is "skid".

Therefore we decide to held this interesting competition.

There was two rider in a group to race. One will skid longer distances till the final winner.

It's an insane fair. Everybody tried their best as we ride fixed gear bike first time.

Just be simple and happy.

This year, we also prepare to held Long Skid King(LSK) again in 2019 summer.

Welcome every rider or visitor join this event!

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