What is Fixed Gear Bike? Let us tell you.

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

What is single speed bike?

The bike cannot change the gear. Only has one chainring with one cog set. This is the original design of bicycle. The tour de France also raced with single speed bikes.

In early 1970, to deliver letters or parcel rapidly, single speed bike was used by messenger due to crowd traffic. After 1990, single speed bike is getting popular in young generation and street culture. With the pop and fashionable twist , single speed bike evolved and rewrote a whole new era on it.

The First Choice Of City Cycling

The reason why single speed bike is the great transportation in the city because of the simplest structure. Without gear system, the component is quite durable.

Furthermore, the compatible parts are easier to change or upgrade. Such as you can mount a rack or basket to enhance practicality of your bike, and easily build the unique personal style.

The Type Of Single Speed Bike Drivetrain

Two types of drivetrain of single speed bike : “Freewheel” and “Fixed Gear”

Freewheel: The regular type. When the rear wheel is rolling, the pedal can stop. Just as same as Ubike or any ordinary bike you can find on the road.

Fixed gear: The linking type. The rear wheel and the pedal are always synchronized. If the rear wheel rolls, the pedal rolls.

Five Advantages of Fixed Gear Bike
  • Highly bargained value – Price is cheaper than gear bike, but with greater speed.

  • The simplest structure – With endurable component, hard to cause damage.

  • The neat look – Simple, elegant, strong style was the reason why lots of fashion celebrity choose it as their transportation.

  • Easy and portable – No need to wear the professional bike wear. Can easily ride on the street. Pretty convenient use it as commuting, exercising, training and transportation.

  • Unique – Lots of interesting parts can be mounted on your bike. Easy to create the only and personal style bike.

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