Akiwei is the creative sunglasses company found in 2018, Taiwan.

They focus on the athlete demand, use the latest optical lens tech. Akiwei developed the anti-fog, water repellent, high UV cut discolored sunglasses so far.


Max Spartan sunglasses passed bulletproof, water repellent, grind, instant glue, UV-cut, wind and fog test. 

Especially the bulletproff and the activation aniti-fog tech are pretty rare in the market.

The super lightness can carry on every cycling, running or do any outdoor activity.


That super fuction makes the Spartan name on it. 

It shall be the toughest and the external king of sunglasses.



Color: Black x Black/ Black x White/ Blue x Black/ Blue x White

Weight: 23g(White)/ 24.5g(Black)

Instruction: Use clean water to wash after use. Flat dry. Do not use detergent.

Avoid wipe to hard on the logo part, it could fade if use for a while. Can use the tape to clean the logo part. 




Made In Taiwan.

Akiwei Max Spartan Sunglasses