Alter Cycles, Taiwanese brand insist to build exquisite high quality bicycle component. Of coursed included this cog.


Really rare pcs Python cog using vivid titanium luster to name as venom characteristic.

The purple luster add a little glitter gold create the unique and mystery look!
Every piece of cog get different luster effect.

The teeth is made by long and thick teeth as chainring which can directly improves the driving force performance.


Alter Python cog is definitely a must-have collection for every fixie lover!



Color: Purple

Teeth: 13T/ 14T/ 15T/ 16T/ 18T

Spec: BC1.37 X 24FPI 1/8 "

Weight: 94g (18T)




Made In Taiwan.

Alter Cycles Python Cog


Stainless Titanium