Special made angle can lower the chain friction. Release chain sound and makes it smoother. No matter appearance design or function is brilliant.

The proud of Taiwan.


Color: Titanium-Nitride Gold

Teeth: 12T/ 13T/ 14T/ 15T/ 16T/ 17T/ 18T
Weight: 63g (16T)
Spec: English threaded/ BC1.37 X 24FPI 1/8 " 




● Made of solid bars stainless steel, that are machined with CNC cutting, then our cogs are being coated with TiN(Titanium Nitride), as a result, this process as we know are distinguished to harden and protect sliding surfaces and make the cog extremely durable.

● With polished finishing on the surface, makes it remarkably smooth and with specific unique angle design into teeth profiles that increases the efficiency of rotation.

● Titanium Nitrite Coated for durability, perfect engagement, and a buttery-smooth drivetrain
● In order to provide our customers with the most accurate chain line, each cog includes a specially produced 0.7mm cog spacer in our package as a present when ordered.

Ananta Cog


- Titanium Coated Stainless

- Stainless Steel CNC machined body