The Jedi laser sword of mudguards is back!

Adapted to the fourth generation of FENDOR BENDORS, it will keep you visible and safe as well as dry as a nut.


Mounts on your bike in seconds without tools.

Completely foldable, it can easily be stored in a bag or jersey pocket for wet rides on the dark side.


  • Fits almost all bikes
  • Highly reflective print
  • Super lightweight, only 50 gram
  • Longlasting, durable materials
  • Easy to fit, no tools required



Brand: Ass Saver

Color:  Black

Size: 540x65 mm

Spec: Can fit in 23-35mm width tires.

Weight: 50 g

Remark: Picture authiorized from Ass Saver official site. 



Made in Sweden.

Ass Saver Fendor Bendor Regular X BICYCLECRUMBS


1 mm PP (Polypropylene)