This cycling gloves is the painstaking effort for road bike and off-road bike. It can easily compactable with  the flat road, mountian road or rugged road.


It's multi function cycling gloves made by Swiss fabric high tech Ceraspace from Schoeller. The ceramic 4-way stretch fabric not only gives you more comfy feel, the ceramic particles also can keep stable warm in cold weather. Breathable, anti-brasion with great hand feel.


  • Reduce the complicated sew line, it can perfectly fit on your hand.
  • Add pulling buckle between middle and ring finger, it can easily take off by pulling it.
  • The side of waist add frontier logo spacer with anti-slipped design. It can improves grip performance.
  • Add more gel on thenar part, it can enhance the abrasion for long tour ride.
  • Finger part use electron conducted material, you can easily use your iphone and GPS when you wearing gloves.



Color: Black

Instruction: It is washproof fabric, but still suggest to wash by hand, line dry or flat dry. 




Made In Taiwan.

Frontier Ceramic Mitts Short Cycling Gloves


50%Leather+ 40% Ceraspace(80%Polymer Matrix, 20%Spandex), 10%PU Leather