The special cross over edition from GodandFamous x Engine11.

To bring the novelty ideas, combined with Paincave icon and Your legs are the engines. That becomes a fun slogan for all of the cyclist response.


This pain is yours.

Cycling is one of those interesting things that sits between the physical and the mental. It's where solitude can be sanctuary and your legs become the engine. It's where the journey is just as important as the destination and everyone must own their own pain.


A limited release designed by God & Famous in New York City in collaboration with Los Angeles based bicycle company Engine 11.



Brand: GodandFamous x Engine11

Color: Black

Spec: 31.8mm

Width: 720mm

Rise: 25mm

Back Sweep: 6º

Up Sweep: 6º

Weight: 336g




Made In China.

G&F x E11 Paincave MTB Handlebar

SKU: E11-F0213P

Alloy 6069