Delicated retro light made from Kiley Taiwan.

Combined with new tech, hand-made polished finishing and detailed case design, this light set must attract every riders eyes.


By the user-friendly manual, directly click or long press light face can convert light mode or turn off/on. 

Sealed USB charging design mades eco-friendly and lightweight advantages. 


Super recommend to retro steel bike, urban bike, Brompton and Birdy riders use.



Brand: Kiley

Case Color: Silver

Light Color: VINTAGE 1 - White & Yellow(LED) / VINTAGE 2 - Red(LED)
Lumen: 300 LM
Function: Stroung / Medium / Flash

Stroung Steady: VINTAGE 1 - 10hrs / VINTAGE 2 - 24hrs

Flash Steady: VINTAGE 1 - 30hrs / VINTAGE 2 - 48hrs
Battery: USB charging 
Weight: VINTAGE 1 - 150g / VINTAGE 2 - 138g (included stand)




Made in Taiwan.

Kiley Vintage Light Set with Wooden Case