The US-S Ezy and the (included) US-S cleats are MKS SPD two way compatible clipless pedal system.

The MKS unique split binding system provides a stable hold while clipped in, yet requires minimal release and engagement force when “clipping in or clipping out”.

This design is excellent for beginners and those with limited flexibly.


The detachable cage helps build confidence when starting out with clipless pedals by increasing the surface area of the pedal to make it easier to “Catch”.

For mountain bikes, the detachable pedal cage helps protect the spring mechanism. The spring tension can be adjusted in three steps with the included 3mm hex wrench.


The Ezy system allows for safe, rapid, and toolless removal of pedals for travel, storage, or flexibility. Particularly popular as an upgrade for folding bicycles, those who take their bikes on mass transit, or travel bikes with coupler systems MKS pedals equipped with the Ezy system can dramatical improve ride quality while saving space.


To use the Ezy pedal simply remove the yellow retaining ring, and pull back on the collar that's attached to the crank arm to release or install the pedal.


The stopper must be fitted. If the stopper is not installed the pedal attachment is incomplete.
Without the stopper the adapter can break, or the pedal may fall off resulting in serious injury.

The US-S is also available with a standard axle.



Brand: MKS

Color: Black

Size: W64 x L52(with cover) / W69×L84(with cage)

Spec: 9/16"

Weight: 498g

Step Area: Both side

Toe Clip: Not available


Remark: There is no cross-compatibility between Ezy Superior and Ezy.




Made In Japan.



Body: Alloy

Plate: Steel(binding)