15mm wrench is a frequently used tool for mechanics. It can tighten a 15mm nut that secures a track bike hub and fork.

In response to the mechanic's desire for the 15mm wrench, Runwell designed a perfect luxury wrench to fullfill their demand.  


To considerate the best using feedback to mechanics, Runwell design 15° grip on the bottom of wrench which are both more comfortable and easier to place a torque. It can also prevent hand injury.


Runwell mainly use a chrome-plated finish with gold shine color on their tool.

Gold is said to be a color that increases confidence in success, raises high ideals, and stimulates desire.


Runwell AQUALIA15 gives wrench tool a brand new definition for a better lifestyle instead of using tool only.


Really recommend to those who loves DIY.




Color: Gold

Size: 170mm

Spec: 15mm wrench

Weight: 115g

Remark: Passed ISO9001 certificate.




Made in Japan.

Runwell AQUALIA15 GD


Chrome vanadium steel