A tool for attaching and detaching cog from 12T to 18T.


The difference from COG1218 is that the outer plate on the side corresponding to 12 to 15T lock ring turner.

Even if this lock ring plate is worn or chipped, you can continue to use it for a long time by replacing only the plate.


The COG 1218L without a chain can be expected to reduce the work time of mechanics and athletes who change gears many times a day.


In addition, COG1218L can avoid chain elongation or breakage that is also effective for small gears that are not be disengaged.


The surface treatment is RoHS compliant, eco-friendly black trivalent chrome plating that is easy to get fingerprints, but we appreciate your understanding. 




Color: Chrome

Size: 330mm

Weight: 337g

Remark: * Cannot be used for small gears made of aluminum or carbon. It may cause damage.*




Made in Japan.

Runwell COG1218L

SKU: RUN-B0304