Ulac is a Taiwan brand found in 1982. Contribute to developing reliable, safe but user-friendly lock.


The Valkyrie Karabiner lock combines functionality and aesthetics. Helmet, wheel, saddle, frame, done. In addition, the lock can be used for, tool boxes, luggage and sports equipments. A true multipurpose lock. Super strong pulling force of 150kg = 330lbs


  • Resettable combination
  • Ideal prevention from occasional theft
  • Multipurpose lock for Helmet, Wheel, Saddle and Frame
  • Attaches perfectly in backpacks and bike saddles
  • Protection for luggage, sports equipments
  • Braided steel cable with strength core



Brand: Ulac

Color:  Black

Dimensions: 5mm (0.2in) cable diameter

Length: 120cm (47in) extended

Weight: 118g. / 0.26lbs (lock only)

*Remark: Please aware this product we sold is officially lock. There are lots of copy item outside. To avoid the copy lock, we list the difference to distinguish:

1. Specification different(diameter and length)

2. Face side logo using other type or add more element.

3. Has multuple color, official only release black and silver.



Design in Taiwan. Made In China.

Ulac Valkyrie Lock